whats wrong with luke

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whats wrong with luke

Post by diva9271 on Sun Jun 23, 2013 10:21 am

I read,that Luke's illness won't be his liver and that Geary says Luke isn't an alcoholic. Was wondering if anyone thinks Luke has cancer or hepatitis or if this is something that cassadines are behind? Maybe they aren't all dead,and Helena's curse is still in play. It does seem that what they wanted for,Luke and Laura to never find happiness is,more true than ever. Luke is sick and only has Tracee to turn to (really and she even knows he only wants her out of desperation) and Laura is married to Scotty. Really Laura must be brainwashed because Scotty has done so much damage to Laura and Luke in last decade its,not even funny. There is no way they could be happy he only knows how to try to control her and is more obsessed than in love with her! I hope we find out soon what's wrong with Luke. Port Charles won't be the same without Luke Spencer!


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